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Programs and Services

Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) provides a continuum of intervention, supervision, and rehabilitation programs to youth offenders while assuring public safety.
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JJS Services and Programs

    • Early intervention
    • Receiving centers
    • Work camps
    • Detention
    • Secure care
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Juvenile Justice in Utah

JJS has developed a Comprehensive presentation on Utah's approach to Juvenile Justice, which addresses the following:

    • How Does Utah Treat Delinquent Youth?
    • How is Utah a National Model?
    • What are Utah's Challenges?
    • What are Utah's Opportunities to Ensure Youth Continue to Get the Help They Need?
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Facility Locations

JJS has locations throughout the state. To see a full list click below.
      • Receiving Centers
      • Secure facilities
      • Detention Locations
      • Observation & Assessment
      • Work Camp

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Community Programs

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Community programs are non-secure residential and non-residential programs for delinquent youth.

Diversion Services

Diversion Services provide day treatment services for youth in JJS custody in non-secure community programs. Some include:

    • Intensive daily supervision
    • Skill building
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